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Submitted on
January 13


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Tricia: Tracy, I know you're in there...
The guys are asking where you've been...
They say have courage...and I know you're trying to..
I'm right out here for you...
Just let me in...
We only have each other..
It's just you and the rest of us...
What are we gonna do?
Do You Want To Build A Snowman?
Short lyric preview for my upcoming MCF story set during my version of Ninjago Rebooted which I call it Masters of Spinjitzu: Rebooted. I have a feeling Tracy and Tricia would do this a lot. To try and get one of them to out of their room. This is Tricia's version of trying to get Tracy out for my story MCF Revenge of the Nindroids since in Masters of Spinjitzu: Rebooted and in the actual show...Wu turns evil. This is also the only song aside from the theme that will be used in the story.

Tricia (c)::icontrachie17: